Tuesday, August 20, 2002

What is with these overcast mornings? I feel like I'm living in L.A. again. And that's a bad, bad feeling.

Not really. I actually feel pretty good, which I think is partially due to the fact that I returned to old stomping grounds last night...Cafecito's Open Mic...the grooviest place to be on a Monday or Thursday night. For anybody who doesn't live in San Jose or hasn't been to this place, I'll break it down. There are two different house bands that play at these open mics (both jazzy/funky), and they play in-between hearing from various musicians and poets (and sometimes freestyle hip-hop artists), all of whom are very talented. It used to be free, but most of the people there are students and I think they weren't buying any coffee or something because now it costs two dollars, but it is well worth the money. Going there is definitely a natural high (and necessarily, too...they don't sell alcohol, which is beautiful, because you get to see how amazing and expressive people can be all by themselves - without anything helping them reach another state of consciousness but their own talents). The performers are all very socially conscious and have so much positive energy to share that it always contagious. I'd been away from there all summer (obviously), but I also didn't make it all last semester because in my mind I was too busy. But that's bullshit. I could have made it if I would have just made the effort. And I pledge to this semester, because I think that if I don't allow myself that sort of outlet, I'm gonna go crazy. I just mapped out my schedule like a high school freshman because, between six classes and seven 1 1/2 hour sections of tutoring in the school's writing center (my new job), I know I'm gonna have a hard time remembering where I'm supposed to be at any given time.

I feel it...I can actually feel the freedom dripping out of me :) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......................................

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