Sunday, June 06, 2004


I just want to add something to my last post.

I think I was insensitive in comparing relationship endings to Spring Cleaning. In doing so, I did not mean to imply that the people involved were in any way comparable to things that should be thrown away and forgotten about.

What I mean to say is that, sometimes, assessing things leads to the conclusion that something in one's life isn't working, perhaps for either party (important to note)--and SOMEbody has to do the breaking up.

When I said that somethings were "dead," I did not mean to say the people involved were no longer of any use, just that relationships themselves can grow stagnant.

I hope that was the way my words were taken, but in the event that they weren't taken this way, I apologize for my insensitivity and for any part of what I said that came across as flippant or trivializing.

I've been through a breakup that rendered me very much lost and in despair, so I know what it's like...and it's no trivial thing.

To anybody whose feelings I hurt, please accept my most sincere apologies.


Kevin said...

Were people really offended? I think you were pretty clear.

Kevin said...

You really shouldn't listen to anything I have to say. I think people are cattle. ;P