Sunday, August 22, 2004

Yeah, the Jazz Festival makes me feel THAT happy. What's that say on my blouse? That's right...Dodgers!


Qaundoman said...

Yeah, the blunt in her hand (you know, the one she has cleverly cropped out of the photo), makes her feel THAT happy! What's that say on my face? That's right..."Hurry up and take the picture, already--I need another hit!"

Anonymous said...

Quandoman asks that he be absolved of any perceived wrong-doing; for his comments, though mere peccadilloes at times (not this time, of course), seem to be taken more gravely than is warranted.

Let's rejoice in such a felicitious state of affairs, much as the beloved Kisa is in the photo.

Tusk said...


That's a beautiful shot of you. You're looking great, love.