Friday, September 02, 2005

Happy Maker...DO try this at home.

I once heard of keeping a gratitude journal in order to help focus on the positive things in life..the things for which one gives thanks. I write gratitude journal entries once in a while, and I thought it would be fun to write one here. It's amazing how wonderful the exercise makes me feel, and I'm sure I'll be adding onto it in the future. Please feel free to add your own under comments. Cuz I just love hearing of other people's warm fuzzies...

Things I dig...

When the ticket validator works on the first try at the Caltrain station.

CD mixes my brother makes me.

Fresh naan bread from my honey's restaurant.

The sound of people laughing.

Jon Carroll's collumn in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Realistic dialogue in movies and books.

My friend Kelsi's "K is for Kelsi" ala Cookie Monster voice mail message.

Snail Mail correspondence.

Adventurous old people.

Orange sunset light reflected off the leaves of trees.

Driving into L.A. at night.

People who say "hi" when they pass.

A well-articulated argument.

Having money in my account after all my bills are paid.

Being tickled.

The feel of October.

When newscasters lose their "composure" on air and act human.


Scalding hot bath water.


Suprise phone calls from my old friend Renee.

Beer at a ballpark.


People who refrain from using tired retorts like, "what've you been smoking?" when they hear something that sounds weird to them.

Shameless exaggeration.

The ends of semesters.

The beginnings of semesters.

A strong cup of black coffee.

Good questions.

When my parents tell me they're proud of me.

Macaroni and Cheese.

Feeling that something I said was completely understood.

A clean wipe the first time.

People who slap your knee 0r point at you when you are sharing a laugh with them.

Flower shops.

Intentionally cheesy commercials.

The way my boyfriend says "again" with his accent (uh-GAYN).

Riding my bike.

People who tell stories.

Having enough time.

Before and After photos.

Picking people up at the airport.

Folding clean laundry.

Knowing glances that I'm in on.

When somebody likes a movie I show them because it's one of my favorites.

Good Huggers.

Pants that are long enough.

When there's a room full of people but no single conversation can be heard above the others.


The Onion.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream.

When all my nails are the same length.

Teenagers with respectful attitudes.

Waking up and not feeling tired.

Text messages.

People who don't gossip.

Stories of survival.

Beautiful dresses.

Random bits of information.

Making out.

Legislation that promotes equality and tolerance.

People who accept compliments.

Friendly neighbors.

French fries dipped in a mixture of ketchup and ranch dressing.

Harmless shenanigans.

Northern California weather.



Tamika said...

This is an awesome exercise! Here are a few of my favorites:

Seated men who do that half-stand thing when a woman enters the room.

Neighborhoods with lots of trees, dogs, and babies.

Hearing a Barry White song during my morning commute.

Chatting with strangers in checkout lines.

Mushy notes from my mom.

Mashed potatoes with peas.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kisa! Its Colin! I love that you listed...

A well-articulated argument.


Waking up and not feeling tired.

I like these things, too :)

Anonymous said...

I would agree with most of that, especially NPR and ad to that:

When Kisa makes a new entry to her blog.