Wednesday, November 08, 2006

File Under Poodoos

I once wrote a post about things that make me happy, a kind of tribute to the practice of gratitude journaling. It occurs to me now that I don't share enough when I'm unhappy. It's as though a part of me is truly ashamed when I'm feeling I'm not allowed to feel that way.

So to add some yin to my yang, or vice-versa, and without throwing myself a public, virtual pity party, I thought I'd share a few things that make me sad, angry, or frustrated beyond belief...with an obvious invitation for others to do the same.

Victimhood (read "the mood I'm in now")

The smell of mold

Self-righteousness (another thing I am guilty of)

Spilling things (especially ground coffee)

When the volume is too high on anything


Boredom (there's no excuse)

Reckless drivers

Spiders (I'm sorry spiders...I know it's not your fault...but you seriously freak me out)


A disappointing meal ordered in a restaurant (Boooo!)


Louis Vuitton bags and Burberry scarfs. I just don't get it. How is it possible so many people have agreed on these ugly patterns? How is it possible so many people have agreed it's acceptable, even prestigious, to spend so much money on ugliness?

Self-righteousness again! (Check yourself, girly!)

Being too hot

Being too cold

Arrogant college boys (of which I see plenty at the ole bookstore)

Nagging self doubt

Irresponsible journalism

Interest (the credit kind)

False compliments or false general niceness

Waking up thirsty or having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night but being too tired to get up, finally getting up, and then not being able to fall asleep again

Getting a bad hair cut

Too short pants (there I go again on that one)

Paying full price (what's the female version of "cheap bastard"? You'd think I was raised during The Depression. Or maybe it was growing up shopping for school clothes at Target. P.S. I love you Target!)

Lack of sympathy

Corporate speak


Movie theater whisperers

Losing socks to the evil dryer

When things break

Jealosy (guilty there too)

Dust bunnies


Clueless male characters and mothering wives (like on "Everybody Loves Raymond")

Real life people (and I think it's usually women) who buy into and perpetuate the above stereotypes

Fashion trends (like ridiculously huge sunglasses)

Mad political correctness


Parents who don't discipline


Jung said that we dislike characteristics in others that we don't like about ourselves (our "shadow" sides, whether or not we let that side out). If I think about it, this is true for me a great deal of the time. But I also think there are some things I don't like because I just don't like them..because I find them annoying or hurtful. Anyone have thoughts on that?


Arethusa said...

There are traits in other people that I can't stand and make me feel especially irritated, uncomfortable, and icky. These are generally traits I know I have and hate about myself I'll be overly bugged by it because it will tap into my own shame about it. Then there are other traits that I dislike in people but I'm not affected in such a personal way and I can usually let it go. These are traits don't think I share, and just happen to objectively dislike about others. (I hope that made sense. I may have talked myself into a nice little circle.)

Kjerste said...

Can I just second a few of your nominations?

First of all, spilling coffee grounds is the worst. I once spilled half a package into my open refrigerator, and was never able to get them fully cleaned up. On the bright side, I enjoy the smell of coffee, which overpowered a lot of other fridge smells.

And it sounds like you and I should go shopping together.

Spiders: The other day, I told Adam there was a big ugly spider in the shower, and he asked me if there are any beautiful spiders in my world. Not really. Maybe on TV. But I don't want to give all the average spiders some sort of complex. I just want them squished.

Finally, eHarmony matched me with a bunch of guys who were supposedly a lot like me and I didn't like any of them. They didn't match me with Adam. We're pretty opposite. But perhaps I like him so much because we don't struggle with the same weaknesses.

Josh said...

Wet socks.

No more beer when you want just one more.

Pringles commercials (that damn crunching sound!).

Ex-Target employees(Just kidding! Loved workin with ya!)

When you cant think of more things that you don't like and then the night later while you're taking a "#2" you realize that you are out of toilet paper and you should have put that on your list of things that you don't like in that comment you put on Kisa's blog!!!

Love ya babe!
Thanks for the outlet of thing I don't like.

P.S. I agree about the spiders, BLECH!!!