Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Would anybody believe me if I said that I'm giving up on love? You probably shouldn't, because I doubt it's true, and I know it sounds ridiculous at the age of 24, but jeez louise!!! I know that everytime one decides that they are going to open themselves up to love, they also open themselves up to the pain that comes when the nature of that love relationship changes. So, no room to bitch and moan, right? Right. Sometimes I wish that people would just be evil like they are in the movies, so we wouldn't feel so bad about breaking up with them. But I don't believe in evil people...or at least I've never met any, so life is not so easy, then, is it?

Does anybody have any comments on the idea that what somebody thinks of "The Pina Colada" song says a lot about their take on love? If you think that it's romantic when they guy discovers that it was actually his own woman that placed the personal ad he was responding to, does that make you a sucker? I mean, they WERE both gonna cheat on each other, right? Yes, but, but, it's just so sweet, you know, how he never knew that she like Pina Coladas and all that stuff. Maybe I AM a hopeless romantic despite the fact that I just threatened to swear off love 5 minutes ago.

Something weird happened to me yesterday. I was walking down San Salvadore on my way to South First Street Billiards, and I (think I) was propositioned...you know, as in, as if I were a prostitute? The weirdest thing is that it was the second time this has happened to me in as many months!!! I was walking down the street and this man walking behind me said "excuse me" or something close to that (he didn't seem to speak much English). I could not make out what he was saying, but I'm pretty sure I heard the words "price" and "pussy" (!!!!!). He had the most devilish grin on his face and seemed to really be enjoying my baffled reaction. Now, I was wearing blue men's jeans and an long-sleeved blouse and I most definitely wasn't hanging around on any street corners or making eyes at anybody. So I have no idea about all that. The other time this happened to me I was waiting for the bus after work. This car was pulling into the parking lot and on his way by the driver yelled, "How much?" Wha? That time I was wearing a dress and heels, so I guess I might be able to see how I would look like an unlikely bus-rider and how I might be suspected of harboring some sort of alternate motive, but c'mon. Can't a girl wear a dress and stand at a bus stop in peace these days? I'm really pretty troubled by these events. I mean, I wear your occasional low-cut blouse, but prostitute?! That's pretty insulting. I'm only sharing to help get over the pain. :)

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