Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Ok! The new music issue has finally arrived. Thank you to everyone who responded. As for those of you who didn't, I'll just assume you're listening to O-Town :) I was disappointed to find that a lot of people feel the way that I do - that music that's out now is just not that good. I have REAL faith that there is good music out there, I'm just gonna have to go to alternative sources to find it. I mean, that's where all the good EVERYthing usually is, anyway, right? I will definitely mention anything ground-breaking that I run into here on this journal. In the meantime, here are the responses, in the order in which they were received :)

Personally I think music out now sucks. If I ever turn the radio on, I find myself listening to 91.1. The jazz station. Why? Because they express themselves through the music. Not by what they say but what they do on the instruments. I love it. I like to turn 91.1 up when there is a car next to me "bumpin tight ass shit foo" rap, pop, and so called rock. This is from Richard, or Meatball, as I prefer to call him. I couldn't agree more about the jazz, which is why I'm coming back to San Jo in time for the jazz festival (Aug 9-11). Be there or be square. I was telling him that, as far as jazz musicians expressing themselves though the music, I find jazz to be some of the most organic sound available for that reason. How talented, to be able to say something without saying a word!

I wish I could help you out with your search for new music but I still consider bands like Counting Crows, Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam to be the new wave. I guess Karl agrees with me about tried and true. Counting Crows just released a new album, by the way, for those of you who also dig them.

My contribution to current music would be David Gray and Dar Williams. Oh yeah..Linkin Park is pretty cool..It's fun to hear someone screaming again...And the lyrics are quite intelligent. Nelly Furtado is awesome. This is from Murphy, whose super smart, funny, and entertaining online journal inspired me to start my own. David Gray....mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Good stuff. Anyone else out there familiar with Dar Williams? My curiosity has been piqued.

Don't feel bad about being out of the music loop. I keep up with much of what's out, but find it all so uninspiring that I don't take it very serious nor spend my hard earned money buying it. Though a few things I've picked up of late our India Arie (which you mentioned) Bilal and of course Maxwell. Most everything else I listen to is older things that Steve has given me like Santana, The Doors, The Cure, and Hendrix. This quote is from Paul "Pablo Honey" (Steve is his roommate). I haven't listened to Bilal or Maxwell, but I'll give 'em a whirl. As for Santana, The Doors, The Cure and Hendrix...well, yeah....of course. :)

WAR - Mos Def- A Tribe Called Quest- Method Man- more Bob marley- Jill Scott- Lauryn Hill- Ella Fitzgerald- Billie Holiday- Common- Ani DiFranco- The Roots- Black Eyed Peas- Nina Simone- Erykah Badu- and don't forget who told you about India Arie!!! All these wonderful suggestions are from Freeda, who yes, I have to declare, introduced me to India Arie and made my life that much happier!! There are definitely some great artists on this list. I have to check out Mos Def, Common, The Roots and Black Eyed Peas, but I can speak for the rest and second her on her suggestions.

Patty Griffin is a gem, as is Jennifer Knapp. I listen to a lot more Christian music these days, as it's hard for me--like you--to actually see the artistic merit in a lot of new bands. I still listen to mostly U2, Counting Crows, Dylan (who's in concert at my school in August!!!), Taylor, my man Paul Simon (who played here last year!!!), Morrison, REM (although I can't seem to chill to anything other than Automatic), DM Band on occassion and Pearl Jam (who will always be cool). Of course, there's Leonard Cohen and Louis Armstrong. I like newer people like David Gray somewhat, and Shakira's song, "Underneath Your Clothes" is really sweet. In high School, Renee and I used to bump down the streets of Phoenix in her 1982 BMW blasting The Pixies and REM. Mmmm, sweet memories. I have to reinforce her U2, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen references. That's Van Morrison and James Taylor, by the way, if you were wondering. And as for REM, please do check out the Monster album (it grows on you) and my personal favorite, New Adventures in Hi-Fi.

Well, kids, that's it. If you think of anything else, let me know. My brother was just out here, and he had Wilco with him, who my friend JD also introduced me to, along with Jack Johnson. Both come highly recommended. I also forgot to mention Beta Band and Mary J. Blige, and JD and I have decided that Norah Jones deserves some further listening.

As for my brother's was awesome, as usual. I didn't write that whole time because I was trying not to be such a computer junkie while he was here. It's so hard though, not to become addicted to technology. Just as long as I never get a cell phone I think I will be okay. Oh!!! That reminds me. My family and I went to that jazz in the park again on Sunday, which was just as rad as last week, with a Dixieland band this time. The kids were shakin' it again, along with this old and *clearly altered* man with a cane and a little duffel bag that seemed to REALLY be enjoying himself. He was just moving non-stop, and then he would hold this cell phone up to his ear while he was dancing (though it was obvious that he wasn't really talking on the phone). We were all watching him and digging him for awhile, and my bro said, "I'm jealous of his moves." And I said that I was jealous he got so many phone calls. Sometimes, I seriously think it would be fun to be a crackhead. I'm all for alternate perceptions of reality, and nobody else in that park was feeling as free to physically enjoy the music. I'm kidding, of course, about the crack part. But I do wish more people were so unihibited (starting with me). I know this song is kind of cheesy, but LeeAnn Womack's "I hope you dance" has a really good message. Next week I'm getting out there and get my groove on with that guy!

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