Sunday, June 02, 2002

Mmm, and the Lakers are going to the Championships again. Knowing this helps me get over the fact that it seems Rick Fox will never grow his beautiful curls back :( Oh well.

Nothing too ground-breaking has happened to me today. I haven't started looking for a job, and I didn't even take a bath until about noon. I probably wouldn't have gotten dressed at all if it weren't for the fact that I went out to dinner with my parents and an acquaintance of theirs. Yes yes, I know it's summer and all, but the whole point of me being out here is so that I can make some money and pay of some bills. Somehow, though, time spent with my Ma sitting on the couch and talking about boys seems so much more important for the time being. I promise I'll start looking tomorrow.

I was noticing something horrible at dinner. We went to this restaurant that serves a hunk of bread to each table of people while they're waiting for food. They serve it with this yummy cinnamon butter that is just awesome but I'm sure you can guess that I haven't gotten to the horrible part yet. I noticed that all these people were leaving and there was a ton of bread left on the table just waiting to be thrown away. My friend was mentioning the other day how important bread is in Russia, and how having bread at a meal (or just bread as a meal) is a mark of survival. I'm sure this is true in many parts of the world. And then here we go, in typical American fashion, just throwing it away. I know I sound like a Mom..."Starving children in China" and the whole bit. But you know what? Sometimes our Moms are just right.

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